Goodbye Taiwan, you beaut lil’ island

It’s been about six months since I moved from Tainan, Taiwan to my new home here in Portugal. I’m finding the move to be a bit of a trip. The change in pace, culture, language, friends, family and the obvious restart to my art practice has been a humbling experience.  But, before I jump into the european life, I just wanted to give a little send off to my time in Taiwan. If you haven’t been there, I’d highly recommend it. For me it was magic everyday.

Taiwan_Michael_ Meneghetti_ IMG_9377 Last days in Tainan


The possibility of stumbling upon a Daoist ceremony is very high.


Daily life is an artistic assemblage


Public sculpture reflects a different time



The fashion is practical for the climate

Tainan_Michael_Meneghetti_IMG_8194 Banyan Trees take over when they can


And Pole-dancers on Jeeps send off dead men.

Thank you Tainan.


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