The Air of Tainan


I have been working on an environmental art project at 能盛興工廠國際藝術村 N-Factory AIR addressing air and pollution. The Air of Tainan is my work-in-progress.

About two weeks ago I held an open dialogue with the local community. I had the privilege of sharing thoughts on air with a passionate and insightful segment of Tainan people: local artists, philosophers, travellers, activists, entrepreneurs, a permaculturalist, a chemist, and a four year old.


Everyone contributed many thoughts to my graphic recording of the AIR conversation.


The conversation left me with more to mull over than before, but I felt more connected to the community around me

What can I do now, and, for the rest of my life that will ongoingly contribute to positive change to this planetary issue?


For me, one answer is continual involvement in building communities, wherever I am. It does not take much, even a playground is a site for social activism and change!

The other answer is plant more trees and let them grow big!

Which leads me to the next stage of my project, the forest suit.


At the conversation, I presented my intention to make a costume housing living plants. As a possible solution to my personal air crisis, I intend to surround myself with a wearable green oasis and make a performance of the experience.

I then invited everyone to join me in making these suits and make a performance together. Imagine a walking forrest through the streets of Tainan!

So, this Sunday I am hosting the first forest suit building session at N-Factory and anyone can come along! We’re building bamboo frames. Bring your safety glasses and gloves, ideas are about to get real!

First Forest Suit Session

Starting from 10am, Sunday 13 August


No.9, Ln. 46, Xinyi St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan


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  1. hawaiibreeze

    Strapping bamboo strips together … it’s a skill I’ve always suspected is easy, but never actually DONE. I’m planning to be there. Sounds like real practical (and visionary) group fun.

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