Performance Art across 10 years

Urge ε‹–


Scartato at Eames Avenue with the Renovators


Scartato / Discarded 



A live performance at Arte Publiku in Dili, Timor Leste.

Chiamata del selvaggio / Call of the Wild 



The transhuman La Foca (the seal) answers the call of the wild and seeks to escape the complexities of human existence.

Performprint at Fremantle Arts Centre



The Beep Test is better than art
DV Pal 16:09
9 mins 33 secs

In a modified set up at Kings Ari, a nine metre Beep Test track has been laid out to see what fitness level participants can achieve. The Beep test (otherwise known as the Shuttle run) works by running in short sprints back and forth at the start of a beep. There are ten shuttle runs to every level and the frequency of the beeps increases as the test rolls on, making it harder to continue running. When a participant can longer keep up with the beeps, the last level reached determines the fitness. The Australian Defence Force fitness test passing requirement is level 7.5

I heart you


DV PAL 16:09

Wedding Photos are often taken at the same public landmarks, as if to validate that part of history in a new couples life. Why do we do that?

Nightclub Vixen
DV Pal 16:09
2 minutes 31 Seconds
Vixen is an ongoing performance that premiered at the 2008 Nextwave Festival’s Night Club Project: Pure Pleasure. Performed at the Men’s Gallery in Melbourne, this duration-based stilt work lasted over an hour before culminating on to the main stage of the strip club.

Camera- Joel Gailer

Masculine Study – Tourist Art Series
DV Pal 16:09 looped

Man: The Ancient Race
DV Pal 16:09 looped

Man: The Ancient Race is an earlier video study of the annual Kyabram Rodeo.

Something to do with death

DV Pal 16:09 looped

So there I was, 25 years old, lying in bed watching ‘Once upon a time in the west’ for the first time in my life, another dropkick art school graduate with no real idea what to do in life. As the film unfolded, I started thinking about my parents and their parents and all the hard work and sacrifice they went through in order for me to be in that bed watching this great film, not working, not doing anything, then it hit me: I had to somehow make art about my family history, my own private spaghetti western…

The lone cowboy draws a line in the dirt between himself and the machine off screen. An unspoken challenge has been made between this protagonist and the device: to resist the gravity of death until he can no longer.

‘Something to do with death’ was my first attempt to get back to the metaphysical place that Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone took me to with ‘Once upon a time in the west’

La Villa Di Cerrone

Video PAL 2006

La Villa di Cerrone places me as patriarch, patrolling the dilapidated balcony of my grandfather Antonio’s legacy, his house. The work resolves to highlight the trials and achievements of this ethnic migrant’s integration into Australian society.

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