Artist-in-Residence at N-Factory, Tainan

At this moment, this wonderful city I call home (yes you Tainan!) could not get any better with everything so magically close to explore and all the vibrant activity to take in, it is a place and pace to fall in love with! However, I just found out that I will be one of the next artists-in-residence at the 能盛興工廠 Neng Sheng Xing Factory! Radical!


Check out their AIR program here.

能盛興工廠 Neng Sheng Xing Factory or N-Factory is a self-organised activist arts and culture space, studio, performance space, bookstore and hub for the local community. It’s a magnet for people of action and I am really looking forward to learning more through being there and jumping right in.

Chair stacks

N-Factory’s location is in a really interesting part of Tainan: it is located in the West and Central district off Minzu Road, but not too close to the tourist epicentre (which is pretty relaxed for an epicentre by the way!) plus there are some other great art spaces (Ting Shuo Hear Say, WuWu Art, Janna’s Vegan Kitchen, Flying Fish) closely connected by the old paved laneways and Japanese buildings.


So much fun work lays ahead for the next few months. Below is a sketch of an early idea that I want to explore crossing art, fashion and environmental issues.



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