URGE勗. An evening of live art, reverberation and ink.

Basic CMYK


An evening of live art, reverberation and ink.

Michael Meneghetti and Svaraveena

么八二空間 -182artspace Tainan

Saturday May 27, 6.30-8.30pm. All welcome.

URGE is a live, in-the-moment fusion of unplugged sound and whole body graphic recording.

The giant gong is struck. A response brews from inky depths. Body and prosthetics line a space. Brushstrokes splash outwards. A soundscape vibrates to life. A resonance echoes inwards. A dance of sound and vision begins…


URGE is the first live art team-up of performance artist Michael Meneghetti (Australia) and sound artist Svaraveena (Tainan).

Hear Svaraveena’s latest album, Honeycomb Life on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/honeycomb-life/id1229166430

See more of Michael Meneghetti’s work here: https://michaelmeneghetti.com/



Michael Meneghetti 和 Svaraveena

么八二空間 – 182 藝術空間 台南

5月27日 (星期六)  下午6時30分至8時30分,歡迎自由參加。

URGE 勖,是一個臨場藝術,即時融合不插電聲音與整個身體圖像記錄過程。



URGE 勖,是由行為藝術家 Michael Meneghetti (澳洲) 和聲音藝術家 Svaraveena (台南) 所組成的第一個臨場藝術呈現。

聽聽 Svaraveena 的最新專輯,Honeycomb Life iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/honeycomb-life/id1229166430

看更多 Michael Meneghetti 的作品: https://michaelmeneghetti.com/



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