A cheeky peek at my artbox.io artwork commission ‘URGE’


I am super stoked one of my works on paper from my new project Urge is this month’s Artbox Art Club commission.  Artbox Art Club mails out a new artwork every month to its awesome subscribers for only $35 a month. I am part of the club and it’s rad getting new art in the mail every month. Check out my work for sale at artbox.io here.

So, I have been based in Tainan now for the last six months and during that time, I have had the pleasure of making some new work here with sound artist Svaraveena, who does a lot sound work with a gong. Awesomely, she has just released a new album on iTunes called Honeycomb Life, which I had lots of fun designing the album cover for.

Honeycomb_Life_2Svaraveena’s work has influenced my practice since I have been in Tainan. It has evolved into a series of reactive drawings, an album cover and now, a new performance work.

This new series I mentioned before, I am calling Urge. 

These are some of the graphic recordings I made with ink on paper to visualise the sounds made by Svaraveena.



From spiral reverberations to hexagons





Next week, I will be doing a live performance with Svaraveena at 182 Artspace in Tainan. Stay tuned for my next post about that.



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