‘Scartato’ Dumps on Brooklyn Thursday 30 April

Michael Meneghetti  Scartato

Over the last month and between an outer body food poisoning experience in a windowless room in Saigon, I have been roaming the streets of Brooklyn and Altona North for Art in Public Places 2015 (AIPP).

My performance work ‘Scartato’ means discarded in Italian and is a durational work that involves me collecting rubbish I encounter on my little expeditions around my local hood and, by taping these bits to my body I transform into a human monument of litter. I did this three times over March and April and filmed each experience, or garbage manifestation.

To conclude the project for AIPP I am installing the work as a projection installation onto three shops of the Eames Avenue Shopping strip.

I have also managed to get along local music outfit the Renovators for the opening which will be a totally experimental live jam street performance.

Projections, live art, pizza, the sounds of Brooklyn and a surprising amount of garbage will take over Eames Avenue for one night only.

Thursday April 30 2015
10-14 Eames Avenue Brooklyn Victoria 3012
Facebook Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1426165131019706/

Complete Eames Ave_web


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