Profondo Ferro in ‘Horror Show’

Strange_neighbour Humans carry a deep fear of being preyed upon from thousands of years of violent battles with frightening predators and other threats to survival. PROFONDO FERRO Profondo Ferro is a live performance invoking the demons that haunt us from the not too distant past. Part of Horror Show at Strange Neighbour. Horror Show, curated by The Ryan Sisters, is a group exhibition featuring 13 artists exploring ideas associated with the Horror genre. The abject nature of horror is one that consists of a number of conflicting emotions. We are often simultaneously repelled and drawn to this subject matter. It titillates, excites, mesmerizes and terrorizes. Artists will respond to this theme drawing from cinema, literature and popular culture ranging from the schlock to the Occult.

Unleashing the horror within…. Profondo Ferro   Profondo Ferro - Photo Glen Prins   Photo – Glen Prins   Profondo Ferro - Photo Glen Prins Photo- Glen Prins


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