Europa Nomadica

Six months, nine countries and 15,ooo km later, our first camper trip around Europe is done for me and my family. It only wrapped-up two months ago, but the gap feels longer now that we have moved to Taiwan, settling into a less nomadic life.

As we rolled with the retirees across various campsites, we discovered that Europe is bigger than our Austral brains imagined, and one big trip ain’t enough to see it all.

Here are a few more photos from that journey…


Verona, Italy


Salamanca, Spain


Orio, Spain


Ormeo, Italy


Ormeo, Italy


Aranjuez, Spain


Orio, Spain


Ormeo, Italy


Somewhere in France, but part of a bigger trail.

As always, there is more to show, but in this post I focused on Ormeo and Orio, as they were places where snaps came together.

Alright. Goodnight.


About Michael Meneghetti

The little personal details can often be overlooked in the hustle of the city, but somewhere on the edge I always manage to stumble upon a little bit of visual gold! When I can, I make performances that explore a state of masculinity and curate video art for public spaces.

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