Art in Public Places – Brooklyn and Scartato

Well it’s been a busy start to 2015 and it’s the middle of March. I started a new community job and my collaborative projects Artbox and Performprint are steadily rolling along with new momentum and direction.

Which brings me to my next performance work, Scartato. Now if you see previous posts, this is a performance work that I did once before in East Timor for the Arte Publiku Festival in 2014. This time I have the opportunity to do it in my own neighbourhood with Hobsons Bay’s 2015 Art in Public Places Festival.

Scartato means discarded in Italian, and this is a work about rubbish. Last week I started roaming about Brooklyn and Altona North, Brooklyn, mind you is infamous for being one of Victoria’s polluted suburbs, so I thought this work was most appropriate for the festival.

I like Brooklyn, it has an amazing industrial landscape and there is a level of authenticity to it’s suburbia, however Brooklyn is notorious for it’s smell thanks to some ancient rendering plant. The whole west probably smelled like this years ago.

So what I am doing for Art in Public Places? I am exploring Brooklyn and collecting rubbish as I roam, slapping it on and gradually becoming a human monument to litter. These adventures are being recorded and will be presented at the Eames Ave Shopping Strip in April. April 30 is the opening night so come down.

Scartato Michael Meneghetti


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