Studi Rurali: beyond urbanality

Studi Rurali: beyond urbanality

Studi Rurali: beyond urbanality

This 30 minute compilation chronicles Meneghetti’s evolving performances directly influenced by experiences in rural Victoria. Studi Rurali is a video splice of cowboy fetish and guerrilla performances from 2005 to 2012.

Screening sessions at Chin Chin’s Wall of Art  

May 13 -18, June 3 – 8 and June 24 – 29

List of video in Studi Rurali

00:00 Rodeo e Cowboy Studi #1

Cowboys and sunsets go hand in hand like Gilbert and George

01:02 Goanna Tirare #3

An ancient Australian game of strength played at weddings, fetes and exhibitions

01:55 Rodeo e Cowboy Studi #2

The ritual of the leather before the ride

03:34 Goanna Tirare #10

A game to also challenge others with

03:57 Tori Studi #1

Here cometh the V8 super bulls

04:26 Toro e Cowboy Studi #3

A dance of death played out by man and beast

05:18 Polvere, Carne e Merda

This has something to with cycles of life and death

06:01 Stazioni

Life is a constant struggle against the gravity of death

09:22 Dualità

A composite self-portrait

09:52 Trifoglio

The beacon of light is one but also three

10:22 Il test Beep

A physical test regulated by beeps of increasing frequency

18:54 L’Uomo Cosmico

Inside of a Cosmic egg were androgynous twins destined to become perfect inhabitants of earth.

23:04 Arcobaleno Vixen

Transhumanists think there is reason to believe that they might not be so far off as is commonly supposed.


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