Arte Immediata

With two more days left in Italy, my 9 month around the world self-imposed exile out of Melbourne is drawing nearer to its conclusion with my return looming in 10 days. After a month of soaking up this country, I am feeling a little melancholy about leaving it. Visiting Italy always seemed like a far away idea, something to do in a couple of years from now, but time kept moving along and now I have finally arrived. I’ve always identified myself as Italian and Australian even though I can’t really speak Italian. I hoped that when I had eventually made it to Italy, somehow I would magically unlock the power to speak fluently.  I imagined I would be like the ugly duckling realising that it was not a duck but a beautiful swan. It did not work out exactly as I had imagined, but I have loved every moment being here. A visit to Italy is worth every Euro. Art is immediate in this country.


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