In bocca al lupo

So I begin this post eights months after my last post (December Now) from my camper, a 1988 Fiat Ducato Camper that I bought in the Netherlands.


The above picture is of my first house parked next to the Brenta River near San Nazario in Veneto, Italy.


I am writing this in an urban campsite on the fringe of a hot Torino, having finally taken some time to reflect upon the act of undertaking my six month camper journey through Europe.

Here are some of photos of I have taken so far along the way across the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy and back again.


Kings Day, Amsterdam


Campsite in Southern Germany


Vienna Zoo, Beehives


Woerden, Netherlands


Strobl, Austria


Linz, Austria


San Nazario, Italy


Venice, Italy


Semonzo, Italy


Argenta, Italy


Quinto di Treviso, Italy


Asolo, Italy


Asolo, Italy


Argenta, Italy


Ferrara, Italy


Venice, Italy


Wolfgang See, Austria


Quinto di Treviso, Italy


Asolo, Italy


Vienna, Austria


Vienna, Austria


Camper Club Cremona, Italy

I am about three months into this trip. See you on the other side.


About Michael Meneghetti

The little personal details can often be overlooked in the hustle of the city, but somewhere on the edge I always manage to stumble upon a little bit of visual gold! When I can, I make performances that explore a state of masculinity and curate video art for public spaces.


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  2. Oh yeah! Nice shots kid! Makes me pine for the smells and tastes of Europe!

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