Scartato / Discarded



Michael_Meneghetti_AP_2014 (1) Michael_Meneghetti_AP_2014 (4)Michael_Meneghetti_AP_2014 (6)Michael_Meneghetti_AP_2014 (7)Michael_Meneghetti_AP_2014 (9)

I was incredibly fortunate to be part of the Australian contingent of artists heading over for the inaugural Arte Publiku ( festival in Timor Leste. It was a whirlwind of workshops, events, exhibitions, and art gatherings under the tropical sun and cruising mikrolets.

I did this performance on the last day of the three day festival, walking around the site collecting discarded things and attaching them to my body over three hours. 

I had such an interesting time in Timor Leste, if you get a chance to go, do it.



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